we build pretty pixels for video game fansites.

Our Passion

We are a group of passionate and dedicated fans to a variety of video game titles. Under the name Bodhum we've put together a digital archive of rare video game fansites.

Sugimori Pikachu

Each project is crafted for beautiful web design & well-written content.

We love to experiment with case studies and try out new ideas. Concepts that we look forward to building include fansites, topsites, forums & discussion boards, mobile game guides, even online magazines(to list a few ideas). Yet we are always willing to hear ideas from fans. This network is run by gamers - for gamers.

Whether you already have a website online or just want to become part of the community feel free to get in touch. We are open to helping new webmasters setup a proper website environment. Our team has a lot of experience with web hosting, content marketing, and advertising. We can also help out with frontend+backend web development in special case scenarios.