4 Simple ways to make your business more eco friendly

4 Simple ways to make your business more eco friendly

With global warming becoming a more visible topic of conversation, and point of reference for many businesses, it can be easy to forget that there are things that we can all do to alleviate the potential problems of the future, from small business to large corporate giants. It is, naturally everyone’s responsibility to take the necessary actions in tackling this rising problem, even taking simple steps can make a considerable difference. Small steps, big leaps when you bring them all together.

It is, of course, easy to think that small businesses can’t deal with these problems but that would be wrong. Every step taken can have an impact, and whilst there is sometimes a bit of associated vanity by doing good, the actual impact of doing so will have an even larger impact towards the global goal of reducing emissions and protecting the world from man-made issues.

Being eco-friendly has a double impact, not only for the environment as mentioned but, by showing how you are looking after your end of the bargain when it comes to tackling global warming, your business can see the positive benefits in both business reputation, and potentially your sales. For many, the environmental impact of business activity is a growing concern for today’s consumer, who is becoming increasingly aware and expectant of good environmental practice.

What are the ways that you can create a positive impact to make your business more eco-friendly? Here are four points of making your business, greener.

Plant shrubs, trees and plants

If you’re looking at a quick fix, getting green-fingered is one of the fastest ways. By planting shrubs, trees and even plants around your local work areas as well as creating community projects to create green spaces, you can create a lot of change in a short space of time. From visual impacts in colour to the actual eco-system you are creating by cleaning the air from pollutants, you are deploying a quick practical measure to solving local air quality.

Get better with water management

One of the best ways of getting your business to be more eco-friendly is to get better with your water management. There are no two ways about it. Leaky faucets to water facilitation can cost the environment greatly with wasted gallons of water. Solutions like Veolia Water Technologies can not only show where there are issues in water wastage but where there can be improvements in the development of water management services as well. Investing in eco-friendly systems for water consumption can also improve budgetary control of your business over a medium-term period.


Whilst many businesses take the time to look after their recycling there are plenty more who don’t. This is not only damaging to the local environment but also a wasted opportunity of leading from within the business a change that can also take place in your worker’s lives. Use clear bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic and make sure that you manage this process efficiently. People will easily get into the habit of using them and as many households now have to separate rubbish, people will most likely already be used to this concept. Be a leader and execute on getting your staff to think of these issues.

Recycle Electronics

One of the biggest wastes in a business environment is getting rid of machinery, I.T equipment and general electrical items without considering whether or not they could be used. In many cases, I.T equipment can be recycled and re-used in schools who may not have the funds for new equipment, whilst things like mobile phones and old MP3 players can also be recycled for parts. Your company electronics need not be wasted without some thought put to what their use can be.

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