Netflix and what it has been doing in the media world

Netflix and what it has been doing in the media world

Gone are the traditional days of TV media, with the access of internet, is easily made available to everyone globally, it has now become the norm to use the internet to consume media. Most of the content today is consumed on our mobile devices, i.e. our laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The amount of content available on the internet is also quite voluminous; there are trillions of articles, billions of videos available on the internet. All of this gives people something new to look almost every second. In such a world it is important to keep producing quality content to stand out from the crowd. One company that is a leader in the internet content world is Netflix, who are known to produce movies and TV series around the clock, with some of the finest actors in the world.

In a few short years, they are responsible for the steady decline of television. In just the past year they posted record profits of over 11.7 billion dollars, this number is incredibly big and shows signs of growth for a company which has only become very popular in the past 5 odd years. The secret to their growth; target audiences for each specific region by producing area specific content. This leads to local audiences trusting the company. They also produce big budget movies on a regular basis. With their earnings nflx around the corner, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on what the company aims to do in the near future. If you are planning to invest or have had the company on the radar for some time, let us look at some underlying numbers to justify your interest.

Netflix earnings calendar:

The earnings calendar is fast approaching and is on the 16th of October, given that it is seven days away you should look to put in place strategies in place to execute certain trades and put you in a position to be able to acquire their shares if it fits the criteria. During this time period, there are also high volumes of trade, nearly 6 or 7 times as much as on a regular day, on the earning date as well as on seven days after the earnings announcement. These two time periods make for a good opportunity to invest in the company or at least monitor their progress and put you in a position of investment.

The PMAEA or predicted move after earnings announcement is a whopping 12% and thus indicating the company could swing a big after an earnings announcement and even an earnings surprise could be expected. These numbers are very accurate and represent a careful analysis by the stock experts and economists of what the outlook will look like. The company is one the best ones you can put your money as content consumption is only set to increase with new 5G technologies debuting in the next few years. Keep an eye on Netflix or at least put yourself in a spot to make the necessary investments.

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